Jan Svarovsky


Projects published

Apple Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up.

Google. Google Earth iOS and Android, YouTube iOS, Google+ Local iOS.

3mensio Medical Imaging BV. Vascular and Cardio products, and also SDK.

Svarovsky Productions Ltd. Analog Digital Clock, a cool clock app for Dutch designer Maarten Baas.

Kuju Entertainment Plc. The Regiment, a first person shooter based on the SAS using the Unreal Engine and GameSpy internet multiplayer libraries.

IdeaWorks3D Ltd. We converted PS1 V-Rally to the Sony Ericsson P900 and P800.

Lost Toys Ltd. Having helped them finish their latest game on Xbox/PS2, Battle Engine Aquila (released Jan and Feb 2003), I was given sole responsibility for the PC version. This is finished and shipping in various formats.

Mucky Foot Productions Ltd. The PC strategy game called Startopia. I have posted occasional updates, files, and information about the game here, and a demo version is available.

Bullfrog Productions. Code in various titles such as Theme Hospital; Populous: The Beginning; Syndicate Wars PSX; Dungeon Keeper.

Fine Particle Software. Various chemical engineering software; have a look at their website.

Other Publications

I gave a talk entitled Booting It Out The Door at the European Developers Forum discussing how to manage the end of projects from a game programmer's perspective.

I have contributed articles to two books, Game Programming Gems volume 1 and volume 3:

Here's a talk I did at the Game Developer's Conference (the 1999 one).