FPS course Hydrocyclones

(Also available as a 3-day open course)

Category: Short in-company course
Software: Hydrocyclone design

Suggested Programme

(Can be steered towards a particular duty such as clarification, thickening, classification, sorting, dense media separation, liquid-liquid separation, de-gassing)

  1. Elements of hydrocyclone selection and scale-up, performance modelssuitable for hydrocyclone design
  2. Dimensionless model of hydrocyclone sizing and scale-up, simulationsof operation, design alternatives
  3. Review of the available selection and design charts, commercialsystems, examples of the available geometries
  4. Combinations of hydrocyclones in series and with other separators/filters
  5. Hydrocyclone networks, their design and optimisation
  6. Applications, case studies, economics and safety

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