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In-company courseFine Particle Software offers a broad range of Continuing Education In-Company Courses for engineers and scientists. Our extensive teaching and directing experience on Open Access courses leads us to believe that the In-Company course is an attractive, reliable and cost-effective medium of instruction. We are sure that your company can benefit greatly from what we offer, just as companies in the UK, USA, Ireland, Finland, Czech Republic and Malaysia have done recently. Included in the package given with each course is one of our highly-acclaimed programs and a comprehensive and informative course manual.

  1. Solid-Liquid Separation
  2. Hydrocyclones
  3. Counter-Current Washing
  4. Testing of Separators
  5. Classification of Solids
  6. Gas Cyclones
  7. Hopper Design
  8. Bulk Powder Testing
  9. Particle Size Measurement
  10. On-line Particle Size Analysis
  11. Data Reduction in Particle Size Measurement

Academic Advantages

You will receive a practical course, tailor-made to your specific needs. The level of the course will be set according to your prior knowledge of the field and so nobody will be left behind at any stage. You can request any modifications to the timetable or content of the courses suggested in the list that follows. Each proposed course on the list consists of six one-hour lectures/sessions and is centered around a piece of software. In addition, the individual lecturers will be at your disposal for the duration of the course to answer any queries you might have arising from the lectures you will have received and to supply any additional information you might require. As it is you who determines the number of participants there can be an optimum interaction with the lecturers, and solutions to your specific problems can be found in the most comfortable and informal atmosphere.

Financial Advantages

There is a single fixed fee independent of the number of participants and, since the course will be held on your premises, you can avoid the costly travel and hotel bills so typical of open courses where such expenses are often greater than the course fee itself!

Given the current high prices charged for open courses, you need only invite more than two people to an In-Company Course to make it more economical than to send them on an equivalent open access course.

Furthermore, participants attending In-Company Courses do not have to leave their workplace, so you minimize the time your employees are absent from their normal duties and they can be called away during lectures for urgent company business.


The price of any one day course as described above is: £1550 plus travel expenses of the lecturers (up to 2, depending on the course).

Any course can be extended upon request at the additional cost of £1280 per day. These prices include:

We can also provide an inter-company course for a group of participants who are employees of two or more companies or subsidiaries of the same company, providing that the course is held at one place and one time. This gives you the option of sharing the costs with geographically nearby companies. The only extra charge will be for the additional software site licences for each company involved.

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