Software package Counter-Current Washing

Counter-current washing opening screenThis program evaluates mass balances in a counter-current washing train with up to 20 stages. It is primarily designed for re-slurry washing such as with gravity thickeners or hydrocyclones (the displays refer to hydrocyclones specifically) but it may also be applied to displacement washing on horizontal belt filters, for example. It is immaterial whether it is solubles or ultrafine particles that are to be washed off the solids.

The program assumes complete mixing, in each stage, of the forward and returning flows and also complete mass transfer from the solid particles into the suspending fluid. It can, however, include the effects of solubles entering with the wash liquid and also of the wash liquid entering with the solids. The two options offered include the following:

  1. up to five stages, all stages displayed, with actual flow rates
  2. up to twenty stages, only the first and the last stages displayed, with actual flow rates and with an option of scrolling along the train for individual units' mass balances

Plot of wash liquid flowas

Both options allow printing of the balances, amendment of the feed data and simultaneous display of the old balances with the new ones, and plots of the feeds, underflows and overflows along the train for both the wash liquid and the solubles flows.

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