Software prices and ordering information

Please find below an overview of prices and ordering information for our software and book products.

Title of software package or book Price (GBP)

CAD of Separator Networks 290.00
Interactive Data Plotting 145.00
Classification of Particulate Materials 145.00
Part. Sizing of Feed Slurry from H/C Performance 145.00
Counter-Current Washing 145.00
Grade Efficiency Evaluation 145.00
Hydrocyclone Design 145.00
Gas Cyclone Design 145.00
Design of Mass Flow Hoppers 145.00
Simple expert systems:  
• Equipment Selection in Solid-Liquid Separation 145.00
• Sel. of the Test Method in Bulk Powder Testing 145.00
• Sel. of the Method for Particle Size Measurement 145.00
Database of Cyclone Geometries and Test Data 145.00
LADAL Pipette Centrifuge 145.00
Lecture Toolkit 145.00
Book on Hydrocyclones (now designated as Volume I) by L Svarovsky, Holt Rinehart and Winston, ISBN 0039105628, 1984: 80.00
Book on Hydrocyclones Volume II by L Svarovsky & G Svarovsky, FPS, ISBN 9781291124941, 2013: 80.00
Discounted price for Hydrocyclones Volume I and Volume II (as above) when purchased together 150.00

Postage and packing charges

a note about sending software software is normally sent on a CD-ROM disk but can often be sent enclosed with email compressed in a zip file - if that is possible and acceptable, no postage & packing charge for that item is required
United Kingdom 4.50 for first item, 3.80 for each additional item
Rest of Europe 10.00 for first item, 8.00 for each additional item
Rest of the World, by airmail 15.00 for first item, 12.00 for each additional item

Pre-payment is required on all orders. Please make cheques payable to Drs L & J Svarovsky and drawn on a UK bank. Payment may also be made by Paypal if 4% is added to the total amount (incl.postage). For bank transfer please email us for details.

please email us for availability and for our postal address
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