Software package Database of Cyclone Geometries and Published Test Data

This program contains data on a number of geometries which are available in literature and commercial practice. There are three different displays, with transfer between them possible at any time. The data display contains the information on the cyclone propor- tions, any test results available on this geometry, calculated values of inlet and body velocities and some dimensionless groups, and finally a reference giving the origin of the data or what they are based upon.

Stairmand high rate

The diagrammatic display of the geometry shows the cyclone on front elevation, to scale, but always of the same diameter with the top lid being always in the same place. This allows overlay of different designs such that the differences can be easily observed. Each geometry display shows the cyclone type and the Euler and Stokes numbers for the particular geometry. Where several sets of test data exist for a particular geometry, the average Stk and Eu numbers will be shown.

There is also a graph display which shows a plot of Eu versus Stk for all geometries contained in this program. It is possible to step through the points on the screen, each identified by its name and the corresponding point in the plot having a ring around it. The easy transfer between displays by pressing the enter key allows identification of each point on the graph with its corresponding data and diagrammatic displays.

Cyclones database

Operation of this program is simple; there is always a command line at the bottom of each display showing the options available at that time. This program has its own printing command which allows printing of any of the screen displays.

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