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This complete computerised slide projection system has evolved over seven years of continuous use into a no-frills, lecturer-friendly tool. It will accept IBM or transferred Apple pictures created by a number of commercial graphics packages in several screen resolutions, manipulate these and display them during a lecture as an advanced alternative to transparencies and conventional slides. The audience is not left waiting as the next transparency is being found and correctly positioned on the overhead projector. Computerised slides cannot curl or fade; they are always in the correct order and the right way up. Any IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 or compatible can become a slide projection system directly or by using an LCD display.

p-v-T diagram for Argon

Slide Projector

This is the front end of the system - the program that displays the previously generated sequence of computer images. It has been designed right from the first version with the knowledge that a lecturer cannot, on the spot, find obscure keys in time or be expected to remember complicated commands. Successive slides are shown one by one by pressing the spacebar: the easiest key to hit whilst lecturing. The program also allows you to move backwards almost instantaneously through the lecture, jump directly to any slide or view the slides list. All the pictures can even be automatically cycled through (continuously or with a break between cycles) to produce an animation. Embarrassing pauses between disk or slide changes are eliminated.

Slide and Lecture Generator

This utility is all you need to create a slide show. Here you can very quickly type easy - to - read text over existing pictures or make completely new slides for inclusion in the slide projector. It also contains the Trays Editor where you specify the order in which to display slides, whether slides are to be animated, where you can start a new slide projector disk, or add another lecture to an existing disk. This program is designed with simplicity and fast slide show generation in mind.


In addition to being able to directly utilise pictures drawn using commercial graphics packages, you can snap pictures out of almost any program with this routine. After being loaded it will sit in memory until deactivation and, if you press a certain unusual combination of keys at any point during normal computer operation, Snapshot will pop up and allow you to save the image currently on the display for use in a slide projector. Thus, you can, for example, snap pictures from Autocad, Mathcad, or your favourite flight simulator for use in a slide show.

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