Particle characterization and powder testing

Here we give advice on selection of the methods and instruments as well as supervise or carry out the powder testing ourselves. Besides particle size measurement, which still represents the largest area of interest throughout industry, people are constantly on a lookout for simple test methods to characterize cohesiveness, floodability, flowability, dustiness, attrition and other properties of fine powders.

Our main short courses in this area are Particle Size Measurement and Bulk Powder Testing, with our own books and software providing the basis for the respective course manuals. The Simple Expert Systems on the two topics are particularly useful to people not too familiar with the subjects. Another subject attracting ever-growing interest is on-line monitoring of particle size.

We have ourselves developed two instruments for this, our courses on the subject are always over-subscribed with engineers, and managers who wish to have a continuous display of mean particle size in their process control room. This subject is still developing and the course is never the same from year-to-year.

Our other areas of expertise:

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