Solid-liquid separation

This is a very large area, attracting interest from a wide range of industries (much wider that solid-gas separation). Our courses and books on the subject date back to 1973 and 1977 respectively, and close to 2000 people have since attended the Solid-Liquid Separation (more recently called Filtration, Separation and Washing) course worldwide.

The course has developed into a "users' guide to selection and scale-up of equipment" and our expert system together with the programs Grade Efficiency Evaluation and Counter-Current Washing are useful here. Our Hydrocyclones course, books and software (Hydrocyclone Design and Particle Sizing of Feed Slurry from Hydrocyclone Performance) are unique and unrivaled in the world, and we are constantly involved in troubleshooting, patent litigations and design work in this area.

Our other areas of expertise:

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